Bradley Wester

Double Act: The Hustler and The Carer, until April 24, 2010

A web-based exhibition experienced via Add-Art, created with support from Eyebeam and Rhizome, the New Technologies affiliate at the New Museum.

Artists: Graham Coreil-Allen, Sybille Hotz, Thomas Martin, Cynthia Mason, Michael Ruglio-Misurell, Bradley Wester, & WITH (

Curated by: Tobey Albright

This isn’t a typical exhibition insofar as it takes place via a Firefox plug-in extension that replaces online advertisements with art. Essentially this means that if you use the Firefox browser and you don’t mind following a few simple installation steps, you can experience this exhibition as you browse your favorite websites. Add-Art releases new art shows every two weeks and strives to feature contemporary artists and curators.

Link: If you’d rather not install the plug-in, but would still like to learn more about the artists and the exhibition, please click¬†here.

Link: To go to the Add-Art website and install the plug-in, please click here.

[Please read the instructions carefully.]