Bradley Wester

Mini-Solo Exhibition at the Newport Art Museum-Museum School

DISCOlour: The Light Paintings, Bradley Wester at The Newport Art Museum’s Education Center. Through 24 June 2023. Capturing the disco light frozen in time.

REVIEW of DISCOurse #2: SHINE, by Ann Albritton

Read an excerpt from Ann Albrtton’s review of my exhibition at PAVEL ZOUBOK GALLERY in New York, for Sculpture Magazine, December 2015, Vol. 34, No. 10., on

REVIEW of DISCOurse #2: SHINE, by Emily Colucci

Read Emily Colucci’s review of my recent exhibition at PAVEL ZOUBOK GALLERY in New York, on her blog, filthy dreams (For Minorities Who Don’t Even Fit Into Our Own Minorities): Dance With Me In The Disco Heat: Disco Memories In Bradley Wester’s ‘DISCOurse #2: Shine’.

OPENING VIDEO: DISCOurse #2: SHINE at Pavel Zoubok Gallery

DISCOurse #2: SHINE, Solo Exhibition at Pavel Zoubok Gallery, OPENING VIDEO 12 February 2015

Double Act: The Hustler and The Carer, until April 24, 2010

A web-based exhibition experienced via Add-Art, created with support from Eyebeam and Rhizome, the New Technologies affiliate at the New Museum.

Artists: Graham Coreil-Allen, Sybille Hotz, Thomas Martin, Cynthia Mason, Michael Ruglio-Misurell, Bradley Wester, & WITH (

Curated by: Tobey Albright

This isn’t a typical exhibition insofar as it takes place via a Firefox plug-in extension that replaces online advertisements with art. Essentially this means that if you use the Firefox browser and you don’t mind following a few simple installation steps, you can experience this exhibition as you browse your favorite websites. Add-Art releases new art shows every two weeks and strives to feature contemporary artists and curators.

Link: If you’d rather not install the plug-in, but would still like to learn more about the artists and the exhibition, please click here.

Link: To go to the Add-Art website and install the plug-in, please click here.

[Please read the instructions carefully.]

Margaleff & Gipponi Opening

The Antwerp Opening, Oct 22, 2009. Photographs taken by Tom Carabassi.