Bradley Wester

Spacing Out: Expanding the Field of Vision

Group Show curated by Karen Conway at the Jamestown Arts Center, July 2 – August 14, 2021

Spacing Out: Expanding the Field of Vision unites art that blurs the boundary between two- and three- dimensions. Spacing Out contextualizes the work of contemporary artists who challenge the limitations of space among historical works that also play with dimensionality. It asks the viewer to reconsider their visual and spatial perception, questioning the art’s depth and attachment to a surface. This surface, as well as edge, texture, scale, volume, place, and movement become the dialect with which the artists expand our concepts of sculpture and art in general.

Spacing Out features the work of Kate Barber, Jennifer & David Clancy, Tom Deininger, Peter Diepenbrock, Lesley Dill, Kevin Gilmore & Seamus Hames, Hugh Hayden, Tayo Heuser, Susie Matthews, Alicia Renadette, Edwin Schlossberg, Wendy Wahl, and Bradley Wester.