Bradley Wester

June 23, 2017

Light up Your face, that we may be rescued

An honor to have worked on this final realization of a collaboration with eminent composer Eve Beglarian: Light up Your face, that we may be rescued. In Memory of slain James Craig Anderson and slain civil rights activist Medgar Evers. My contribution appears in the last two minutes in this under five-minute piece—the color pixel video of Evers’ home, site of his murder. (With technical expertise from Bruce Tovsky. Additional video by Matt Petty.) Eve and I presented the first version of this collaboration in 2013, live on stage, for The Day Before: November 21, 1963, a special evening presented by Symphony Space in New York City of works by over 60 Hermitage Artist Retreat fellows. The event was conceived and produced by Symphony Space’s artistic director Laura Kaminsky and Hermitage Artist Retreat.