Bradley Wester

July 2012

SUMMER FORUM for inquiry + exchange

Summer Forum for Inquiry + Exchanges seeks to nurture and facilitate conversation and creative exploration through an examination of contemporary texts.

Participants will meet in New Harmony, Indiana for a one-week summer residency to engage in an extended dialogue centered on directed readings and a prescribed theme. The texts are culled from a broad spectrum of materials: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, theory and criticism, comics, blogs, online forums, tweets, etc.

The dialogue generated during the week is the focal point of the Forum, empowering the engaged community and legitimating the spontaneous collaborative scholarship created in the space. The strength of the dialogue lies in the disciplinary diversity of the participants — writers, artists, thinkers, musicians, students, teachers, scientists, consultants, etc. — along with the concerted move away from specialization and instead toward generalized study.