Bradley Wester

DISCOurse #1: PINUP & DISCOurse #2: SHINE, 2013—16

This body of work uses custom made reflective Mylar pegboard as the conductive substrate for other materials and objects such as smaller paintings, disco balls, digital prints, found photos, holographic tape, tube lights, pipe cleaners, leather, and chain to be attached and arranged. The evenly perforated panels are like large computer motherboards each with a unique ‘form factor’ by which the connected components or circuits communicate. Mirrored, the mother-pegboard makes all external reflections components too. DISCOurse #1 had a solo exhibition at Yellow Peril Gallery in Providence RI in 2014. DISCOurse #2 had a solo exhibition at Pavel Zoubok Gallery in New York NY in 2015. To read more about the work, go to the Statement link.

DISCOurse #3: Velvet Rope

Opening July 1, 2017


February 12–March 14, 2015

1CircuitClown_52x76x8.5_2015 2CircuitClown_detail1 6Drape_2 5Drape_detail1 7Drape_detail2 8Drape_detail5 3Shine_48x35x5.5.2015 4Shine_detail1 9TeaDance_69x50x19.2015 11TeaDance_detail2 10TeaDance_detail1


April 24–June 1, 2014

TwinPeeksBlue_full2_display TwinPeeksBlue_detail3_display TwinPeeksBlue_detail2_display TwinPeeksBlue_full1_web DISCOurse_full_web DISCOurse_full_web copy DISCOurse_detail2_display DISCOurse_detail3_display DISCOurse_detail1_display TwinPeeksPink_full1_display TwinPeeksPink_detail3_display TwinPeeksPink_detail2_display TwinPeeksPink_detail1_web TwinPeeksPink_full_web BallsChain_full_web BallsChain_detail_web BallsChain_detail1b_web 20Carpenter_full_print Carpenter_detail2_web Carpenter_detail3 Carpenter_detail1_web SliceYellow_full_web SliceYellow_detail_web SliceYellow_detail2_web ChainMale_full_web2 ChainMale_full_web ChainMale_detail_web DiscoMoon_web tcburst tYellow tyellowDetail OrangeShift_display Disco_CUM Disco_Cowboy Disco_ChinaMeat Disco_Berlin Disco_ChicagoReflection Disco_NewYork xsmall Studio2_display Studio1_display