Bradley Wester

Berlin 2010

While spending the summer of 2010 in Berlin, I found this article on Berlin, from a rather sober post-capitalist perspective, particularly interesting as it uses the gentrification of neighborhoods as a kind of structure:
Sebastian Lütgert
Down and Out in All the Wrong Places (Berlin 2010

“In 1997, one could make out a general consensus (among those who had moved to East Berlin in the previous five years) that the party was about to be over. Potsdamer Platz was going up, the federal government was coming in, and both Hamburg and Cologne had given up their resistance, surrendered to their fate, and were relocating their critical infrastructure to Berlin.”

“If “queer,” as a verb, simply refers to various practices of “ontological reframing,” the acknowledgement of individual constitutions that can no longer be captured by identity, and collective processes that escape the dominant mode of production, then I may be able to relate to it.”

“One might still ask what’s to be done. If you can’t subvert an empire whose population draws no immediate benefit from any redistribution of wealth other than the one that is currently taking place, you may still be able to crack the fortress that shields its inhabitants from a shift in population growth that will inevitably shake the fundaments of their lives.”